Double Glazed Sash Windows

Double Glazed Sash Window Repair

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My brother did this to two large bay windows in a Victorian House. The cost was about £10,000 and they used local Brighton firm Sash Heritage Restoration. I know they were very happy with the outcome. If you are trying to restore your Victorian double glazed sash windows make sure you get more than one quote and check out smaller companies like Sash Heritage Restoration as they are good and do it cheaper

J.A. Burns, Brighton

Double Glazed Sash Window Repair

I looked into this as well. It’s possible to double glaze an existing sash window, although it seems the glazing is very narrow and may not adhere to some building regulations. It will however prevent heat loss as you’d expect, perhaps not as much as current double glazed window standards.
The alternative (which is far more expensive) is to adapt the entire sash window frame and put proper current standard double glazing in. This isn’t an option with heritage sash windows like those on listed buildings but talented firms like Sash Heritage Restoration can reshape a more modern sash window this way.

Mrs. P Frisbee, HoveI looked in to this for our heritage sash windows but our sashes didn’t have enough window depth. We opted for sash window refurbishment, restoration and draught proofing rather than taking out the originals. We used Sash Heritage Restoration in Brighton and I’m sure we’ve made the right decision. The room is warmer and the freezing draught that the sash windows made for years is notably absent. I’m glad we didn’t make any changes to the old sash windows as they are a heritage feature and the sash window repair company used real aged wood to match the original.

Col. T Tottworth, Brighton

Sash windows restored to heritage standards

My wife and I looked into double glazing our heritage sash windows. It would have been about £20,000 for all our windows. We have two bay sash windows and five other sash windows throughout the house. We opted to get a small firm, Sash Heritage Restoration to restore the existing sashes, to replace brushes, bits of rotting wood, and to install unobtrusive double glazing; the total cost was about £4000. The benefits of the repairs to the sash windows was immediate and tangible; the temperature in the living room went up by 4 degrees.

Roger Hardbottom, City of Brighton & Hove, SussexTo correct the point left by Mrs. Frisbee, I know there is compact double glazing for sash windows that now meets building regulations. The sashes can normally be modified to allow the increased depth. Keeping the original architectural appearance of an original sash window should be your priority, particularly when regarding heritage sash windows. Small companies of expert sash window artisans like Sash Heritage Restoration in Brighton can do this sort of sash window repair to spec. Ask them to update the seals whilst they’re at it and you’ll be pleased to find that draughts will be eliminated too, and your windows will now slide easily. There is some very good information about this on the Period Property UK forum.

Phillip I. Albion, Eastbourne, Sussex

The benefits of insulated glazing

My partner and I enquired into refurbishing our heritage sash windows and having them fitted with Slimlite double glazing and although the expense wasn’t much different to the hand built hardwood doubled glazed replacements the craftwork that goes into it was what sealed the deal. We adore our new sash windows; they retain the heritage aesthetics of the original sash windows but make the house a lot warmer. There was a significant upfront cost but we recoup the cost in terms of heating bills. The restored sash windows also add to the overall value of our house. We hope to live here for 20yrs so it was an investment in our future comfort.

Lydia, EastbourneBob and I hired Sash Heritage Restorations in Brighthelmstone (I love the original name for our city of Brighton & Hove) and they were masters of the sash window craft. I cannot recommend them enough. They answered all our questions about sash window repair and they knew their stuff. I adore our new double glazed sash windows and our house is much warmer.

JC Crow, Brighthelmstone

Bespoke glass work to enhance your sash windows

I’d like to know how much people paid for double glazing a large sash window. I Just bought a house that has been untouched for 55 years. It’s in a conservation / heritage area so we are compelled to keep the wood sashes (painted white). The house hails from 1860 and has 30 sash windows all of which are in a terrible state. I will approach Sash Heritage Restoration in Sussex as everyone says they are experts with sash window restoration.

William Chottonley-Smythe, Eastbourne

We use 100 year old lumber

Right, so we are having our sash windows restored and painted inside and out, as well as being draught proofed at this very moment. We are talking about 20 sash windows (as the top and bottom sash is one window) is costing us around £11,000. I want to install Slimlite double glazing and our sash windows are thick enough for it. The draught proofing and painting cost about £25K and to craft new double glazed sashes was £40K. As we are staying here for the foreseeable future we felt we could justify the extra cost of installing the slimlite double glazing.

Mr Borrower, SussexThere is no way we will recoup that cost in lower heating bills (it’s a Victorian detached house full of breezes and no cavity walls etc) and double glazed units don’t last forever the seals eventually go and need replacing. Also refurbishing the windows gets a special VAT rate of only 5 as the government recognise it as a energy efficiency but installing the double glazing gets full VAT of 20 . It was the draughts and rattling that we didn’t like and I can honestly say they have made a big difference and we’ve not even finished yet.