Heritage Window Repairs Case Study

Heritage Window Repairs Case Study

This study consists of two different sash window restorations and refurbishments of Brighton properties:-

  • Victorian three-storey town house on the seafront
  • Two-storey three bedroom Victorian terraced house.

This seafront sash window restoration consisted of very large 16 pane sashes and large box frames with interior and exterior panels and decorative mouldings.

Restoring Heritage Windows – it’s a labour of Love!

How It Should Be Done

All the sashes and box framed areas were very rotten due to bad maintenance and the exposed position on the sea front, taking the full force of driving winds and blasting rain and direct sunlight. Because of badly carried out decoration over the years we always find more rotten wood that is at first not easily detectable. When we remove all the old paintwork and take it completely back to bare wood we find that the rot has been covered up with all sorts of fillers everywhere on sashes and box frame areas. It is only the Dryflex Woodcare system that fills and fixes permanently because it moves and flexes with the wood – as shown and explained on our dedicated repairs page.

The problem with all other fillers is they will crack and open up not adhering to or moving with the wood causing even more trouble. It’s disappointing how much money is wasted by the inexperienced on sash and casement window maintenance – cheaply priced jobs where the work is rushed, when people do not take care or pride in the job. Restoration of original sash windows is a labour of love but it gives you long-lasting results. When it comes to heritage window restoration, cheap fixes are a complete waste of money.

Repairing Historic Windows

No Half MeasuresOften when rotten wood is found while the decorating is being carried out the trade person involved will not want to stop work and wait for the repairs to be done properly. So they stick a bit of filler in to cover it up, make it look good enough, get paid and get out.

To see how it should be done, please look at our Gallery Pictures and see the process carried out from start to finish.