Sash Window Restoration and Renovation Worthing

Sash Window Restoration and Renovation Worthing

Welcome to our project page. Sash Heritage Restoration restored ten bowed sash windows and two original French doors in a property in Worthing. This was the complete five star service with windows restored to their original glory and new glazing installed throughout. It didn’t stop there; we also redecorated internally and externally which gave the house the WOW factor it originally possessed.

Maintenance to listed buildings can be costly and all the windows in the front elevation are bowed – a beautiful feature of this property. Unfortunately, because of its location on the seafront, all the sashes, box frame areas and sills were in great disrepair. The customer told us all the other estimates from other companies had quoted to replace all the box frames and sashes with new. This is not allowed and can incur large fines as the property is Listed. We use traditional methods when restoring sash windows and these being bowed windows and with 2/3 rotten content this took a lot of patience and skill. In the Second World War a bomb exploded in the back of the property causing movement to the actual building so nothing was square any more including the box sash window frames.

We work together with planning and conservation to get a happy result for all parties involvedThe Conservation Officer insisted on having the windows restored and not replaced, he required pictures and a statement if this was not possible. In fact, more often than not the Conservation Officers will demand that you restore the original sash window even though only a third is left. Restoring the windows was a privilege and rather testing due to the fact they were curved windows and sills. It further complicated matters that they had a different design and up-stands on the inside of the sash window box frames.

Bowed Sash Windows and Restored Sash Window Sill

With all listed buildings, conservation areas and even Victorian terraced houses – the seasoned wood on the original sash windows is more than 100 years old, and even with bad maintenance over the years we find they still have not rotted away to an irreparable state. All our past customers over the years have told us all other estimates they received were for complete replacement with new wood on the sashes and box frames. On completion of our sash window restoration we found our total cost was much cheaper or very similar to the other estimates received for new windows.

New wood rots very quickly and because it is soft and still moving even our best paints will not last half as long Everyone knows that the joints on the moving sash windows open up or are subject to rot. We repair whether they are loose or even if they are not. The joint will be taken out by 1/8 and fixed permanently using the dry-flex wood-care system. This is done because it will prevent the paint to crack and blister on the joints causing a premature redecoration and rotten wood. Because we always strip all the old paint work on all the exterior sashes and box frames we can give full preparation and prime with a thinned primer undercoat, then two undercoats and two gloss coats; this will give a very long lasting finish.

The 10 year proven paint we use is Sandtex and have found it’s only effective using this method, we have found all other preparation to sash windows never lasts more than 1-2yrs as they blister again very quickly. Our preparation process lasts – guaranteeing future low maintenance costs and hassle all round. We do not subcontract our work out like most other companies; Sash Heritage Restoration is a small team taking pride in giving a personal, professional job.